UFC Vegas 19: Post-fight Press Conference

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Před 12 dny

Watch the UFC Vegas 19: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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Rafa Kops
Rafa Kops Před 5 dny
so funny 😂👍
Jay Baker
Jay Baker Před 6 dny
I %100 agree with his gotta keep fighting until they stop it 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jay Baker
Jay Baker Před 6 dny
Derrick Lewis is straight up golden. Dude is #1 best knockout artist probably ever! It’s not always just physical, don’t get me wrong Derrick is “The Black Beast” for a reason, but his mind is always so sharp too! Inside and outside the octagon! You can tell he’s an active thinker and his mind just amuses itself with humor. I am suggesting he likely has a high I.Q. And fight I.Q.
s Před 7 dny
I know he's trying to be funny, but Texas's energy problems are much larger than his balls. For as much **** talking as Texans do, their infrastructure and standard of living really doesn't back it up. I know this is the wrong place to point this out. After spending this last week reading about Texas problems, it's hard not too. How many people in Texas are literally living under the control of some chemical or oil company? How long will they look past the higher than average cancer rates in Corpus Christi? People in that state see a lower standard of living at their own expense while large companies expand their self interests. The bar for the bare minimum needs to be raised or people will stop supporting democracy.
Error 404
Error 404 Před 7 dny
Early stoppage
Christian Před 7 dny
He's already greased up for Overeem... Giggitty Giggitty
JSU's n Bhdjnfj
JSU's n Bhdjnfj Před 7 dny
Too many ads
Frank Tognini
Frank Tognini Před 8 dny
Derrick Lewis You know why Big George Forman is a man of class, because he said in the Ramble in the jungle that the best punch was never thrown, Punching an unconscious opinioned on the ground turns me away from the UFC, I find this repulsive and irresponsible.
themobbkillas Před 8 dny
Derrick "no homo" Lewis
wojak Před 8 dny
"I'm going to clap dem cheeks." "No homo."
themanufan8 Před 8 dny
Curtis's chin might be suspect after this vicious KO
Charles Winshaw
Charles Winshaw Před 8 dny
The beast is the best 👌
Pinata Tomata
Pinata Tomata Před 8 dny
Derrick is one of the few people who just doesn’t look nervous no matter who he’s fighting
Benjamin Cheeseman
Benjamin Cheeseman Před 9 dny
Dear UFC if you want me to watch these fucking videos don't put an add literally 60 seconds in.
charles pitter
charles pitter Před 9 dny
gonna miss him when he's done fighting.
Patrick Flug
Patrick Flug Před 9 dny
John Morgan is so stupid. Those shots on the ground are happening so fast. They have to go until the ref stops it.
Okyn Game
Okyn Game Před 9 dny
That uppercut cost me 500$))
DaevonTheSavage Před 9 dny
Derrick Lewis the only fighter that openly states that he doesn’t have the gas tank for five rounds and I respect it to the fullest
Nicodemus Před 9 dny
Eating Cheetos before the fight! My-man!✌️
Karabo Molele
Karabo Molele Před 9 dny
Derrick is always a vibe
KJ Před 9 dny
Blaydes: Where am I? *Ben Askren shows up* Blaydes: Say no more
brian dube
brian dube Před 9 dny
Credit to Blaydes man, dude went in there to win, not sit back and wait for a mistake like Lewis did. Blaydes must know he does not have a chin, so he must try not to overdo it
ChrisEli7e Před 9 dny
Haha what a legend!!
Pan Před 9 dny
wrestling ain't even real just uppercut it
MagicalLand Před 9 dny
Derrick “Hot Balls” Lewis
E-6 Gang
E-6 Gang Před 9 dny
Not even a minute in and an ad, straight up fuck this channel
bluebird Před 9 dny
Derrick's craftiness and savvy is underrated.
Aaron Grady
Aaron Grady Před 9 dny
Blades beat Overeem... you beat Blades ... doesn’t make sense. Overeem is out of his prime and time. Weak.
John Johnson
John Johnson Před 9 dny
I’d love to have barbecue and a beer with Derrick Lewis, no homo.
moto2016 Před 9 dny
Lewis wants money not anything else really. This is prize fighting and Lewis understands that more than most. He doesn't have any delusions of greatness, if it happens great but $ first.
moto2016 Před 9 dny
Reporter: Who would you like to fight next? Lewis: I hear Overeem is easy to ko I'd like to cash in on that guy.
Jerod Carpenter
Jerod Carpenter Před 9 dny
Lewis really does be punishing these wrestlers.
moto2016 Před 9 dny
Did the fight go as planned? Did you train for that? Did your opponent surprise you with anything? Did the punch/kicks hurt? Said every post fight reporter ever...
EmanCp8r Light
EmanCp8r Light Před 9 dny
Oh so youz a restler... I got somin for ya 💪🏿
Kilo5910420 Před 10 dny
Using that 50k for more cheetos
Ryan Před 10 dny
Derek is just a brute that overheats too fast
Jason Riley
Jason Riley Před 10 dny
“I just couldn’t wake my body up.” Dude has ED (explosion disorder). Lol
Igor Ovcharenko
Igor Ovcharenko Před 10 dny
How the hell can u not love Black Beast?!
Jokebox133 Před 10 dny
lewis just like fighting, he has literally said he doesnt want to be champ cause it’s unnecessary stress and he fights less
lloyd livsey
lloyd livsey Před 10 dny
Derrick Lewis is father of ufc.
michael colascione
michael colascione Před 10 dny
If only conor could be this honest then maybe he wouldn't live in delusions about his performances about a loss
Roy Godiksen
Roy Godiksen Před 10 dny
Mitch Jus
Mitch Jus Před 10 dny
This man is the GOAT of post-fight pressers
Travis Anderson
Travis Anderson Před 10 dny
My favorite thing about Lewis is that he knocks everyone out. Every time
Ni Kk
Ni Kk Před 10 dny
This men really calling alistair out for a quick pay check
Ni Kk
Ni Kk Před 9 dny
@moto2016 forreal 😂😂
moto2016 Před 9 dny
Reporter:Who would you like to fight next? Lewis: I hear Overeem is easy to ko I'd like to cash in on that guy.
Aron Rojas
Aron Rojas Před 10 dny
Don’t just try to think about some stuff to AKS me, y’all had all night to AKS me a question.🤣
moto2016 Před 9 dny
I agree what a bunch of dumb questions... Did the kicks hurt, did you train for that, did he surprise you with anything? Same questions for every fighter...
Bucho Před 10 dny
Best interview ever
jesha bone
jesha bone Před 10 dny
total legend!!
robert dixon
robert dixon Před 10 dny
I don’t want 5 rounds weak mentally
moto2016 Před 9 dny
Smart mentality. Ever heard of work smarter not harder? Lewis wants money not anything else really. This is prize fighting and Lewis understands that more than most. He doesn't have and delusions of greatness, if it happens great but $ first.
M Před 10 dny
give the homeless guy money. not your gloves.
Mark 13
Mark 13 Před 10 dny
Gotta love ole Derrick Lewis. The man keeps it real, he's funny, and he'll put those lights out.
Itsmrajhful Před 10 dny
maan i love this guy. from 'i got cheetos in my eye' to thanks to 'retardo' 'ricardo' and hando gracie, hes a goldmine
Laptop Menace
Laptop Menace Před 10 dny
this is the best post fight interview i've ever seen
XXLtouch Před 10 dny
Derricks a legend already lol 😂
Gabriel M
Gabriel M Před 10 dny
People are retarded thinking Derrick doesn’t want a title shot or big money fight... he has one more fight on his contract so he wants a ko to beat the record, then he can renegotiate his contract and get the money he deserves for the big fights!!!
Mr Rich
Mr Rich Před 10 dny
Did Curtis wake up yet?
J Fella
J Fella Před 10 dny
Can’t help but smile when hear this man talk
Kawi Ninja
Kawi Ninja Před 10 dny
Lol he said "probably save it". What a humble man, I know I'd spend it on a new custom pc with a rtx 3090 and a custom gaming/theater room if I had the $$$ aka I'd be broke. Fair play to lewis.
Turner Perez
Turner Perez Před 10 dny
what would win: Strong wrestling background, pretty good standup, speed and athleticism advantage vs punch
Ryan Rotondo
Ryan Rotondo Před 10 dny
Am I the only one who doesn’t find this guy the least bit funny???
Abuzwebstar Před 10 dny
Cool guy
Jason Steele
Jason Steele Před 10 dny
Humble but deadly
J Pweek
J Pweek Před 10 dny
He might be the coolest guy in the world
Celeste Seraphi
Celeste Seraphi Před 10 dny
The itchy route contradictorily steer because kayak generically waste aboard a near cloudy. polite, unadvised beef
Ahmed Před 10 dny
Blades came to fight, Lewis came to counter
Imetalman2000 Před 10 dny
“I think he was eating Cheetos before the fight” 😂🤣
J R Před 10 dny
Derek is the truest most honest fighter on the roster
J R Před 10 dny
@Barry Hemmy I agree. Matt Brown is a bad ass
Barry Hemmy
Barry Hemmy Před 10 dny
One of them!Matt Brown is pretty honest too.
self discarded king of ruin 72
self discarded king of ruin 72 Před 10 dny
This is my first 1080p video on CSposts on my phone
Ed Leblanc
Ed Leblanc Před 10 dny
If anyone thinks this is funnier the Kat is crazy Brendan schaubs is so funny. Not so much stand up but his podcast is a riot.
Aisha Před 10 dny
So many great punchlines.
Aisha Před 10 dny
Derrick Lewis and Colby Covington’s full interviews are always UFC comedy gold.
Salvador Lopez
Salvador Lopez Před 10 dny
This man is a national treasure, put him on TV at all costs
Joe King
Joe King Před 10 dny
derrick lewis is the tireless waiting game fighter, if the other guy does not come forward derrick is quite happy just standing there, he depends on the other guy coming forward.
The Derbi Delinquent
The Derbi Delinquent Před 10 dny
What an absolute LEGEND👏🤣
Trammel Maycan
Trammel Maycan Před 10 dny
Derek lewis is the type of guy to ko Francis then vacate the belt so he dont have to fight 5 rounds🤣
fastguitar Před 10 dny
Curtis knew it was coming. Like putting your hand the fire.
Mitchell Schnyder
Mitchell Schnyder Před 10 dny
Derek Lewis probably isn't standup comedian funny but hes better than SNL level funny.
Mitchell Schnyder
Mitchell Schnyder Před 10 dny
Chael is the funniest former fighter and then there is Derrick Lewis and Connor McGregor at times.
Bojan Sekulić
Bojan Sekulić Před 10 dny
Why every black guy says "aks" instead of "ask"? Is it some black man thing or what?
Nailbombx Před 10 dny
Kinda shocked to hear a Fighter say he doesnt want a tile shot, doesnt want a 5 round fight, no main events! I bet a few feel that way, but never have the nuts to say it.
Miguel Marquina
Miguel Marquina Před 10 dny
One of my favs, he got so much character
Michael Brady
Michael Brady Před 10 dny
"Kicking me in the leg was really helping me out"...Bwahahahaha!
Aisha Před 10 dny
So funny how lazy but killer this guy is!
Hong Lee
Hong Lee Před 10 dny
He wants to give Oveeem his 2nd KO of his career
Aisha Před 10 dny
What a genius game plan! So simple yet so genius!
Jethro Rae
Jethro Rae Před 10 dny
The ref did say stop, then pleads with him to stop and drags him off. Gross and dangerous.
My 11 Bad Kids
My 11 Bad Kids Před 10 dny
I was watching thw Lewis fight close and was expecting him to explode at some time. Other then that he got hit a few times but I didn't see him get rocked at all. He slipped once, but entire time I kept thinking this is how he fights, this is how he fights, waiting for him to lay Blaydes out.
Orion Pavlos
Orion Pavlos Před 10 dny
Shortest press conference I've ever seen.
OG Casey
OG Casey Před 10 dny
Overeem dont want his cheecks clapped by derrick, I promise dat lol
riseofazrael Před 10 dny
It's scary how fast Derek can end a fight, at any given time.
Ed The Rock Hound
Ed The Rock Hound Před 10 dny
If Derek fought Jon Jones and caught him with one of those punches yea he’s all set with heavy weight . I think Jones might do ok if he focuses on his kicks that would make an impact but can he take a shot from Derek or Francis
Blitzz F
Blitzz F Před 10 dny
Theo Huioiesin
Theo Huioiesin Před 10 dny
Oiled up and ready... No homo... Lewis is the funniest guy ever😂
keepleft Před 10 dny
If Blaydes would've stayed outside with those low kicks, the fight would've gone a different way. Blaydes chose...poorly.
Jeff Petica
Jeff Petica Před 10 dny
Jon Jones vs Derrick Lewis. Who Wins?
Alec Kurkov
Alec Kurkov Před 10 dny
What a fucking legend
Rt Tt
Rt Tt Před 10 dny
Ты почти чемпион 👋👍🏻😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂 лящей получишь
NPN D Před 10 dny
You can’t come to the after party with that shirt on
Picasso Pete
Picasso Pete Před 10 dny
Dan Před 10 dny
If Lewis ends up fighting Rozenstruik and tucks him in with a goodnight kiss... he might just be the greatest comeback slugger of all time.
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