UFC Vegas 19: Blaydes vs Lewis - It's My Time Now | Fight Preview

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Před 16 dny

Preview the heavyweight matchup headlining UFC Vegas 19 this weekend between top five contenders Curtis Blaydes and Derrick Lewis. Saturday's main card starts at 10pm ET / 7pm PT.
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E Girl
E Girl Před 3 dny
Man this Promo was so good and then Lewis straight up slept him
Galileo Shift
Galileo Shift Před 10 dny
The Black Beast super-Ko’d Razor-Blades Amazing Derrick Lewis Wins!!! 😦
Chris Cyborg
Chris Cyborg Před 10 dny
Whose here after Lewis slept Blades
Tarik Popara
Tarik Popara Před 10 dny
And Lewis knock his head off.
Joseph Bellotti
Joseph Bellotti Před 10 dny
Who here after lewis knock blaydes out cold
Khabitch and his deadass daddy abdulmanapoop
Khabitch and his deadass daddy abdulmanapoop Před 10 dny
Kulture white
Kulture white Před 11 dny
But blaydes wrestling is dominant
Kulture white
Kulture white Před 11 dny
Lewis can shut it with one punch
carpejkdiem Před 11 dny
Derek if you beat Curtis man oh man that would be an upset in my book. Do the damn thang!! Curtis is a dangerous dangerous man!
carpejkdiem Před 11 dny
Way too many commercials on this pay ufc app phuck off!!! You can do better for a pay app this is bull...t
Suleman Jalilu
Suleman Jalilu Před 11 dny
Am betting on blaydes
Yuan Frank
Yuan Frank Před 11 dny
The black guy will win.
mike Dean
mike Dean Před 11 dny
Blydes wins in 3rd round via ground & pound. Watch!
Young Money Blessed
Young Money Blessed Před 11 dny
Guys help plz can I bet and what is the web sit and how I put money here any1 help plz , tq
Marquis Marq313
Marquis Marq313 Před 11 dny
u beat jos santos, bra its ok.. Fans know who u are after that
Allan d
Allan d Před 11 dny
Curtis should talk bad about Popeyes chicken then Lewis might win 😂
Failguy 123
Failguy 123 Před 9 dny
He didn't need to
Bacon 90
Bacon 90 Před 11 dny
I would like to see Harris vs Lewis!
Aaron Harrison
Aaron Harrison Před 11 dny
After seeing Jon Jones against Reyes and Alexander first fight I think he's in for a Rude Awakening at Heavyweight! What can he do with Curtis or The Champ who can box and wrestle
GeminiVegan Před 11 dny
Today ?
Anthony Zanowic
Anthony Zanowic Před 11 dny
When is this fight and the undercard be on? Is it also on ESPN? Can't find it
Davidtheman3000 Před 11 dny
All this Power! Great promo🔥 not a good matchup for Big D but it only take one from mr. Lewis
Gamingturtle Před 11 dny
got koed by francis ngannou twice...
Johnny Pockets
Johnny Pockets Před 11 dny
This will be very boring
Steve Juneau
Steve Juneau Před 11 dny
I like Derrick for the KO
Jenas Kumbi
Jenas Kumbi Před 11 dny
Curtis would probably slow him down with his grappling because Derricks cardio isn’t the best. But however Derrick does have hands which he could end anybody with.
Phillip Fillmore
Phillip Fillmore Před 11 dny
Derrick do it for TX!!!! Ol boy is a beast!!! You got this!!! The most anticipated heavy weight fight in the last 10-15 yrs for me! Can't wait!!!
Tirando a Bandagem
Tirando a Bandagem Před 12 dny
Did I heard "polish power" in the song?
Re!gn Před 12 dny
God I hope Lewis knocks his ass out
F A L C O N - R R
F A L C O N - R R Před 12 dny
It my time now It's a war
Foamy Candle2920
Foamy Candle2920 Před 12 dny
Derrick Lewis by Knockout
Jonathan Ramos
Jonathan Ramos Před 12 dny
Damn man, I must be going crazy. I know I read somewhere Curtis Blayde got cut from the UFC.
John Bates
John Bates Před 12 dny
Who doesn't love a Heavyweight fight 👏
Tyson Tyler
Tyson Tyler Před 12 dny
Sad that if he beats lewis he still wont get a title shot
Danny Lenard
Danny Lenard Před 12 dny
This shit is underrated. Worthy of a UFC main event
Fedor Silva
Fedor Silva Před 12 dny
Who won?
gxn Před 12 dny
Why curtis shaped like that
Pen Wednesday
Pen Wednesday Před 12 dny
What is this song
Julien Bedard
Julien Bedard Před 12 dny
cant believe UFC didnt make Khabib vs GSP ! that decision was the worst of all time !!!!!!!!!!! ALL TIME !!!!
Alan Joseph
Alan Joseph Před 12 dny
DC wrote the book on how to beat Derrick Lewis with ease. An old ass DC did it, if Curtis can follow similar gameplan he's got this.
Erin Bender
Erin Bender Před 12 dny
When Derek said he's coming in this fight in the best shape of his life. I believe the Black Beast 🖤 gettem my big ole chicken eatin champ 😸
Евгений Некрасов
Евгений Некрасов Před 12 dny
Волков Льюиса обоссывал весь бой...но...
Honda the Brat
Honda the Brat Před 12 dny
Wtf are u guys talking about, Curtis got 10 finishes out of 14 fights, and most of them are via g&p. How come you casuals call his fights boring after that 1 fight against Volkov🙄
T Roy
T Roy Před 13 dny
Blades better watch the fly knee
Jarryd Nolan
Jarryd Nolan Před 13 dny
Sadly I think blaydes will get him to the ground in the 3rd round for a tko
James Crenshaw
James Crenshaw Před 13 dny
Derrick gonna knock that a#$ out!
AWSUM AL - Info Stores
AWSUM AL - Info Stores Před 13 dny
Oooh lordt. Lewis might win because plot armor
D4 D0N 91
D4 D0N 91 Před 13 dny
Lewis in this 1 I think he’ll clip Curtis but close fight imo
Joshua Kuoppala
Joshua Kuoppala Před 13 dny
Fuck em up Lewis!!!!
Cashkid891 Před 13 dny
One time I saw Derrick Lewis get beat up for 5 rounds straight then turn around and knock the guy out. Wrestling is one of his skills as well so this should be interesting.
Fille Landau
Fille Landau Před 13 dny
He has been finished twice against Ngannou?????????????
Tiago Henrique Alves Chegas
Tiago Henrique Alves Chegas Před 13 dny
Flamengo não tem estádio!!
Dorian Swartout
Dorian Swartout Před 13 dny
Everytime I see Tybura’s head explode lol
AHANGARI YT Před 13 dny
Derrick is that only guy who Francis was scared Is it right??
Msizi Nkosi
Msizi Nkosi Před 13 dny
Blayes is gonna win this fight, he has 2 advantages over Lewis, wrestling + reach so if he uses those 2 advantages wisely he wins the fight. I remember Lewis fight with Volkov where Volkov won every single round by keeping Lewis at bay with his reach before he got sloppy on the 5th and got knocked out otherwise he would have won that fight by UD.
The Recovery
The Recovery Před 13 dny
I'm trying to get excited for this one but I can't help but think Curtis is just gonna take Lewis down and lay on him for the entire fight. It's a legitimate path to victory but just boring to watch. Still gonna tune in and hope its wild.
Icky McSticky
Icky McSticky Před 13 dny
Blaydes has mad strength but Lewis has to take a shit.......
Papa telenor 2
Papa telenor 2 Před 13 dny
Two giants with low gas
Fran Živković
Fran Živković Před 13 dny
who ever wins is not getting a title shot, if Francis wins vs Stipe they do a trilogy, if Stipe wins he fights Jon Jones so who ever wins this one is gonna either have to sit out and hope Jon Jones doesn't brat Stipe cuz if he does hes then fighting Ngannou and if Stipe wins the winner of this is gonna have to sit out dor for a year and hope that Gane doesn't get even more hype and gets the title shot before em
Eg1ch - Майнкрафт
Eg1ch - Майнкрафт Před 13 dny
Eg1ch - Майнкрафт
Eg1ch - Майнкрафт Před 12 dny
@mmadigest thnx
mmadigest Před 13 dny
WAR*HALL - All This Power
A G Před 13 dny
Lewis gonna clap this fool so hard
Austin Salada
Austin Salada Před 13 dny
Let's get wonderboy a title shot
Sigman The Looter
Sigman The Looter Před 13 dny
Big D gonna smoke this man's jaw
Erik _Shun
Erik _Shun Před 13 dny
I like Lewis but i don’t see him winning against Curtis’s high level wrestling. I got Blaydes by complete domination
Thomas Před 13 dny
GO BLACK BEAST! Make Houston Prouder!
B S Před 13 dny
I hope Derrick knocks him out like Francis did XD
Green Deity
Green Deity Před 14 dny
Iron marshmallows fight each other over who will get knocked out by Ngannou. Both are great tho.
pullupseattle Před 14 dny
Blades gonna try to hump derick into submission. Im rooting foe the beast to win by ko in the first round.
victor ramirez
victor ramirez Před 14 dny
The Black lean beast!!! Gonna suprise blades!
Javi_Lee Před 14 dny
either someone getting KO or someone gets dominated by wrestling
NoClipsBarred Nick
NoClipsBarred Nick Před 14 dny
Why is Curtis wearing a mask and not the guy holding the mitt unless you have a filtered mask the mask only stops you from giving it not receiving it so it should be the other way around if you're trying to keep the fighter from getting sick
The King Of Norway
The King Of Norway Před 14 dny
This promo is fucking amazing
Dougie Duane Ninja
Dougie Duane Ninja Před 14 dny
Can’t even pick a winner for this one.
Celso Bernal
Celso Bernal Před 14 dny
Wrestling is coming out on top. Blaydes for the win
Gman M
Gman M Před 14 dny
Blades wins by getting 1 takedown each round. No way Derrick gets up.
James Walker
James Walker Před 14 dny
Does no one realize both these guys are in a bad spot even if they win unless Stipe wins🤷. Think about it Dayna never wants to see Lewis vs Ngannou again and Blaydes has already been wiped out twice by Francis in no time fast. Derrick technically won his fight with Ngannou but couldn't even celebrate because of their performance. Both me better pray Stipe wins or just ask the UFC to trade them for ONE Championship or next big payday. I don't know what their going to do if Ngannou wins. I want to see this topic on Chael's show.
toxicyoutuber Před 14 dny
Whats the song at the beginning?
mmadigest Před 14 dny
WAR*HALL - All This Power
Pea Diz
Pea Diz Před 14 dny
So.......Yeah, If This gets Cancelled Again there Just GOnna Keepmplayin it, Ncee UFC
Marc Loiseau
Marc Loiseau Před 14 dny
Hard task for lewis . Idk if he will be ok after this fight
Tilly The Patterdale
Tilly The Patterdale Před 14 dny
Betting the house on Curtis for three reasons 1) He is almost definitely going to win 2) If my bet loses, I'm happy Derrick wins 3) I don't have a house
sixty nine
sixty nine Před 14 dny
Swanging and banging
quazzie1 Před 14 dny
Interesting match. I like em both. But I gotta go with Blaydes on this one, I think. Derrick always has that puncher's chance, but CB is more well rounded.
PsychoMushroom Před 14 dny
It's a hump day kinda day for Blaydes.
STL Před 14 dny
I don't see Lewis getting knocked out, but maybe a TKO win for Blades. Anyone know if it is 3 or 5 rounds??? Has Lewis ever been submitted??? Does Lewis have a good choke tool???
Asif Dutchmaster
Asif Dutchmaster Před 14 dny
Blaydes should have had the title shot this year.
Reaching for the STARS
Reaching for the STARS Před 14 dny
Come on big homie!!!! The time is now!!!! Pave your path brother!!!!
Jay Dechose
Jay Dechose Před 14 dny
How can both claim for a title shot ? They dont remember a guy that beat them both called Francis ?
Safe TM
Safe TM Před 14 dny
I love this Fight cause I really enjoy Both very very much this Fight is Dynamite 💥 Let's Goooo
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Před 14 dny
Holy crap, Lewis has some pretty fast hands for being as big as he is.
Oua H8ter
Oua H8ter Před 14 dny
Blaydes is just going to lay on lewis the whole fight.. ill wait for the next ufc event
Syed Musawir Abbas Rizvi
Syed Musawir Abbas Rizvi Před 14 dny
Still don't get why Curtis can't get past Ngannou.
Syed Musawir Abbas Rizvi
Syed Musawir Abbas Rizvi Před 14 dny
Still don't get why Curtis can't get past Ngannou.
Austin Turner
Austin Turner Před 14 dny
Rooting for Curtis in this one. Put some respect on his name.
Sklen Bahkwards
Sklen Bahkwards Před 14 dny
There are levels in this game. And the level of power Lewis carries is superior. Same as Curtis' wrestling, he is also on a higher level. So its whoever can get it done first. Im guessing Curtis but im cheering for Lewis. Lezz goo
Ben Wood
Ben Wood Před 14 dny
I'm rooting for the Beast.. Blaydes is hungry and I see that but it's Derrick Lewis.
SMRZ , Před 14 dny
Nazrul Imran
Nazrul Imran Před 14 dny
love this song. whats the title
mmadigest Před 14 dny
WAR*HALL - All This Power
Eärendil Před 14 dny
Looking forward to this potential sleeping pill
Kale Khalili
Kale Khalili Před 14 dny
I remember watching that volkov fight and absolutely knowing that as long as there was 1 second left Lewis could do it. And he did
george stamatelis
george stamatelis Před 14 dny
Curtis will soon be champion . In bellator . Let's go black beast
me.myself. not you.
me.myself. not you. Před 14 dny
I'm getting anxiety already...😬
ellisa c
ellisa c Před 14 dny
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