UFC 259 Free Fight: Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Před 11 dny

Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes defended her belt and took down one of the biggest names in UFC history when she finished Ronda Rousey at UFC 207 back in 2016. Now a two-division champion, Nunes will put her featherweight title on the line Against Megan Anderson at UFC 259 on Saturday, March 6.
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Jose Esquivel
Jose Esquivel Před 10 minutami
Completely outclassed, knew at this moment 3:03 that has to be the worst foot work I ever seen. She was soo stiff lmao amanda is a straight Dog
satinwhip Před hodinou
Ronda Rousey sucked. All the hype about that stupid arm bar hold. Each time she had to stand toe to toe and fight she got her ass beat. Paper champion with a glass jaw. Her early bouts were probably fixed just to promote women's UFC.
pamela angela
pamela angela Před hodinou
The abject hand lally disapprove because seed baly hang across a eatable rectangle. petite, rude stream
Cheetah Freeman
Cheetah Freeman Před 2 hodinami
Some humble pie 🥧????
John Smith
John Smith Před 2 hodinami
On top of being a lousy fighter, Rousey proved how she has no class by just walking out of the ring.
Scott Parsons
Scott Parsons Před 3 hodinami
Ronda completely destroyed Nunes hands with her face
Doonie602 Před 3 hodinami
Joe Rogan must be fired!
dop3fr3sh !
dop3fr3sh ! Před 3 hodinami
3:54 rounda had to fart rq
Solovino Juntoseva
Solovino Juntoseva Před 3 hodinami
Rousey has always been a poor sport even in winning. Then she rage quits. lol
JigSaw Jazz
JigSaw Jazz Před 3 hodinami
4:44 1/4 speed. LOL.
Marko Janković
Marko Janković Před 3 hodinami
Ronda is immature as hell, as soon as things don't go her way, she shows her true colors
Tom Patnode
Tom Patnode Před 4 hodinami
Ring announcer spent more time saying Rhonda's name than the fight lasted. 😄
Faraz Před 4 hodinami
Quick exit
Tom Patnode
Tom Patnode Před 4 hodinami
Rhonda is a poor sport winner and loser. Its fun to see her get beat down
Eric Před 4 hodinami
Man i wish Draft kings was during this because i seen this coming! Woulda bet at least $100 on Amanda and she was the underdog crazy
Ginge Jones
Ginge Jones Před 4 hodinami
Sent her to wwe
Event Horizon
Event Horizon Před 5 hodinami
No idea why Ronda deserved to be in the ufc hof. She fought when there was zero talent then when talent showed up in the ufc she kept getting her ass kicked easily
The Music Junkie
The Music Junkie Před 5 hodinami
Never get tired of watching this
Jack Kelso
Jack Kelso Před 5 hodinami
Rhonda roused the most overrated fighter of all time
Corey Lee
Corey Lee Před 6 hodinami
She light her up like a chisnimes 🎄 amanda nunes
Arexis GauneR
Arexis GauneR Před 7 hodinami
Like older sister of Greta. Bad girl destroyed
James Dean
James Dean Před 7 hodinami
It was like watching them CSposts videos of bullys getting beat up...
Faiza Omar
Faiza Omar Před 7 hodinami
Well done 👏✔👍👌
Austin Weller
Austin Weller Před 9 hodinami
It’s like Ronda is drunk or high on pills or something. This is just so strange to me. She’s so wobbly and confused looking even before the first punch. I feel like anyone on the UFC roster would have beaten Ronda down this night.
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes Před 9 hodinami
Q agarrada apija 🥲😂🤣🤣
kevin morrissey
kevin morrissey Před 10 hodinami
How was Ronda a favorite? Lmfao
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Před 10 hodinami
" Flawless Victory " - Mortal Kombat
Shubhangam Joshi
Shubhangam Joshi Před 10 hodinami
So satisfying
Santosh Gangdan Theengh
Santosh Gangdan Theengh Před 11 hodinami
I am nervous, I'm too.
Seon Budhan
Seon Budhan Před 11 hodinami
Guess they forgot to train her to blocked 🤷🏻‍♂️
Robert Chavez
Robert Chavez Před 11 hodinami
Ronda Rousey didn't even scratch Amanda Nunez ... What an upset that was 4 Ronda
Berni Před 12 hodinami
Nunez the Best !
Ramille Brice
Ramille Brice Před 12 hodinami
This will never get old lol
Bill Pradzinski
Bill Pradzinski Před 13 hodinami
Why did Rhonda take this fight? She's not even close to being ready.
Willie Mandoza VI
Willie Mandoza VI Před 13 hodinami
Amanda is so amazing in this fight, the very end when you think that was the last punch and they just keep flying it is like SWEET JESUS!
juno max zoey
juno max zoey Před 14 hodinami
The lack of fundamentals in striking destroyed Ronda's career.
Roy Před 14 hodinami
Was that even a fight?
King Shady
King Shady Před 14 hodinami
Worse part about this clip was listening to the opening announcer.
Christopher Bermudez
Christopher Bermudez Před 15 hodinami
Amanda is def the best when it comes to female fighters. Got to give Ronda he respect though, only female fighter to bring a crowd to a PPV main event.
Adam is the coolest
Adam is the coolest Před 15 hodinami
She literally didn’t even make an attempt at moving her head or using any footwork whatsoever.
Herb Walker
Herb Walker Před 16 hodinami
Poor Rhonda Man I love her to pieces...but she needs to go make MOVIES!! :)
Lj Castille
Lj Castille Před 17 hodinami
The moment Ronda discovered the limitations of Judo in the world of MMA. True violence is a two-way street.
sobbyhasselhoff Před 18 hodinami
Who would have thought mean mugging wouldn't be enough to be Nunes.
MrBrainStarX Před 18 hodinami
Ronda Rousey's head game is on a different level.
Mason Noodles
Mason Noodles Před 20 hodinami
5:02 is when you realize your fighting career is over
Edwin Lopez
Edwin Lopez Před 21 hodinou
Amanda made Ronda look like she had never been in a fight before
Clint .R
Clint .R Před 21 hodinou
Amanda delivering a healthy dose of cte
dstaten80ds Před 22 hodinami
Why is Ronda Rousey always making those mean faces at the beginning of the fight just to get her ass whipped? 😐
Scott Kimura
Scott Kimura Před dnem
Look like Amanda wanted to laugh right before they touched gloves
I'm faded
I'm faded Před dnem
When I have a bad day I just watch this
Abel Edward Joseph Jr. Gonzalez
Abel Edward Joseph Jr. Gonzalez Před dnem
Use the jab.
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray Před dnem
Wait juat a minute!! Is Amanda Nunes really Renoly Santiago??
Jigsjigz Před dnem
Edmond Tarverdyan face at 5:21
Meliodas Dragon sin of wrath
Meliodas Dragon sin of wrath Před dnem
She got her shit folded in 48 seconds in the first round I would not be scared of ronda after that I’m highly disappointed in triple H getting owned by her that’s how I know wrestling is just a stupid fake sport and I quit watching it. Niggas on the top of the ring and the person on the ground just lookin at the dude jumping on him, people taking they time doing they special giving their opponents time to recover enough to reverse like that shit is sad I don’t like it
Michael T
Michael T Před dnem
I’m jealous her rate of pay for one minute equals my five years.
loi hdezz
loi hdezz Před dnem
The brunette was tremendous, even her angry face shot the girl with so much blow.
Quantae Chandler
Quantae Chandler Před dnem
If I was them foks in Vegas I’ll be piss I wasted my money for a 48sec fight😩😩😩
Keith Brown
Keith Brown Před dnem
Well at least Ronda was full at the end of this fight.She ate alot of puches.
Triggermappy Před dnem
after watching this fight a bunch of times, you can hear the "HEAD MOVEMENT!" and "NOOOOOOOOOO!" clearly lol.
86753094agt Před dnem
I can never get tired of watching rHonda getting her smug ass kicked!
rafal rafal
rafal rafal Před dnem
it looked like a set fight, why didn't she make any counter attack?
D1 Před dnem
Whoever was in Ronda's camp REALLY cost her this. She tried to stand and strike with HOLLY HOLM, one of the best striker's in women's MMA, and after that, they STILL told her "hey, even though you're a world class judoka, forget that, stand and strike with Nunes" who is legit the best puncher in women's MMA. Ronda is a wrestler and a judoka, whoever told her to stand and throw hand should be banned from MMA.
Linh Phùng
Linh Phùng Před dnem
Amanda’s punches are lightning fast. No doubt she destroyed Ronda.
Frederick Galactic Arcturian
Frederick Galactic Arcturian Před dnem
Poor tuff girl 👧
Perez Football
Perez Football Před dnem
Kristen Barker
Kristen Barker Před dnem
That is an ass whooping if I have ever seen one. In Ronda's defense, Amanda is a beast
Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin Před dnem
Hey frankly thanks for the free fights
Jennifer Gutierrez
Jennifer Gutierrez Před dnem
Omg.. Once again she whooped her ass
T Ll91
T Ll91 Před 10 hodinami
She lost twice but the Nunes fight was scary, she beat the living daylights out of Rousey. I would love to get in there v CM Punk,
Lee Matthews
Lee Matthews Před dnem
That was a humbling defeat.
GuitarDad Před dnem
All those times RR disrespected her opponents... Glad this happened, proved that RR was all hype.
kushagelol Před dnem
Damn yo! Ronda almost had her!
Matt Cassell
Matt Cassell Před dnem
Rhonda was the favorite? Lol tf?
Frendzy Trendzy
Frendzy Trendzy Před dnem
"that young brazilian superstar may hold on to that belt for a very very long time" boy was he right
Lorenzo H!
Lorenzo H! Před dnem
Everyone has a plan until they get hit! How her face changed after that first hit tho lmao from soldier to send help!
volarhg Před dnem
Ronda only lost to one woman and that was in 2015 if you know what I mean
Roderick Hoyle
Roderick Hoyle Před dnem
Kevin Morley
Kevin Morley Před dnem
The backlash Ronda got from the fans was brought on by her terrible attitude. Hopefully she has grown up since then.
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez Před dnem
guccini cordova
guccini cordova Před dnem
Retire Rhonda wrong job
Michael Lambright
Michael Lambright Před dnem
There was money to be made in this fight.
Casual Fox
Casual Fox Před dnem
If she had just stuck to what she knew, what she was good at.
edsthelion Před 22 hodinami
If you're talking about Ronda, well.. she tried to but it didn't work.
Annec Cour
Annec Cour Před dnem
Todas, todas, todas, todas, todas...... y a tu casa a poner caritas!!
linomma Před dnem
Always funny seeing Amanda training live
murphs69 Před dnem
When you mean mug someone and they hand you an ASS WHOOPING!
nick damas
nick damas Před dnem
Rousey got her face tenderized like a cheap piece of beef.
Rehman Ali
Rehman Ali Před dnem
Wow did not see that comming poor rhonda😅🇳🇴
Topw33dman 313
Topw33dman 313 Před dnem
Sad to see ronda rousey fall like this. She’s literally one of the best strikers in her division.
chris graham
chris graham Před dnem
This is the greatest thing ive seen in UFC. Rousey legit getting whooped. Her ego got the best of her, and Nunes was a beast. I could watch it over and over. 48sec of Rousey shocked and swollen.
David Reid
David Reid Před dnem
That's what fake champs deserve. Rhonda was very cocky when she had the belt, Knowing that Dana gave her fights that the UFC knew Rhonda should win. i.e. mainly ground fighters. But when they gave her a fighter that's good with the stand up fight game, that's hard to take down. Well, Rhonda can't proform at that level. And I think her confidence is gone do to her many knockouts. I Would put money on Misha Tate if they were to fight today.
seson Před dnem
man this was an intense ass beating
ArSa Cuevas
ArSa Cuevas Před dnem
Wow...she really fell hard that Rhonda Lousy
ܔܛܔ χxɪᴀи
ܔܛܔ χxɪᴀи Před dnem
90% of punches landed on her face.
Kanye South
Kanye South Před dnem
Honestly I feel like Ronda moves very awkwardly and that too in a bad way, no stability at all. The punches of hers even if they landed wouldn't do sht to Amanda since her feet are never rooted properly before she lets go off her punches, Nunes just levels above
Michael Shields
Michael Shields Před dnem
Rousey's footwork was so bad. Her legs look so stiff and awkward.
Steve Picchi
Steve Picchi Před dnem
Lol! Amanda got paid more for the lengthy intro than for the fight!
Heath N
Heath N Před dnem
The introduction was longer than the fight
G L Před dnem
Too easy. Ronda is simply nowhere near the level of Nunez.
Mani Maran
Mani Maran Před dnem
UFC fight lasts 45 seconds bruce buffer introduces for 7 hours
Tokoua Tonga
Tokoua Tonga Před dnem
Don’t understand how Ronda got so high up and famous and was whooping all those women. She can’t even stand a basic fighter. She’s not trying to dodge, block, something... dang that’s crazy!
Gnius Před dnem
5:02 Ronda thinking, If Mario Yamasaki was the ref I would've been dead.
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