UFC 258: Kamaru Usman Post-fight Press Conference

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Před 18 dny

UFC welterweight champion Karmaru Usman talks with the media at the post-fight press conference after defeating Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 and remaining undefeated in the UFC.
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Usman is the mann
JAZARGO ALQ Před 4 dny
This video only has 225 000 views think about that
50fils DXB
50fils DXB Před 9 dny
Our own very 🇳🇬 🇳🇬Nigerian Nightmare💪💀 Usman is here to stay✔💯
Josh Arlott
Josh Arlott Před 11 dny
Fight Israel adesanya if you’re different.
Didier Mashariki
Didier Mashariki Před 12 dny
Oga Kamaru Usman, congz my bro, you are simply the best.
Arben Juncaj
Arben Juncaj Před 12 dny
Usman is the 🐐
noorudeen abdul hamid
noorudeen abdul hamid Před 12 dny
does this guy need to get in trouble with the law to get up the pound-for-pound rankings?
Sal Philly
Sal Philly Před 12 dny
Khabib / Usman is the super fight to make Dana.
S1AN Před 13 dny
Khabib and Tony will make some great TUF coaches
Austin Salada
Austin Salada Před 13 dny
Let's get wonderboy a title shot
Mohammad Nadeem
Mohammad Nadeem Před 13 dny
He looks like an ancient African king with all that gold.
mhamed hanaoui
mhamed hanaoui Před 14 dny
An African proud of you. Greetings to you from Morocco. You are a true hero, a successful march, brother. Greetings from Morocco🔥🔥🔥👊👏👏🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
good life
good life Před 14 dny
For all of those who can read the body language, at 4:45, look at his left cheek says it all, there was no slippery, he clipped you pretty clean.
Kristoffer Ertmann huerta
Kristoffer Ertmann huerta Před 14 dny
Kamaru "I want some respec" Usman
Ijabga Iahco
Ijabga Iahco Před 14 dny
The best part of his fights are the before and after hater comments and real life conversations 😂
MMA - Talk the talk Walk the walk
MMA - Talk the talk Walk the walk Před 14 dny
Obiora Onyilagha
Obiora Onyilagha Před 14 dny
His pidgin English is so good.
Iwant 2spanku
Iwant 2spanku Před 15 dny
This dude is fake, that’s why he has to demand respect. He’s unlivable on a mass scale.
K Han
K Han Před 15 dny
"masvidal had a built in excuse.." proceeds to list 5-6 of his own excuses. he talks but doesn't listen to himself. that said division looks boring now dont see any other challengers for him. he should move up if he's such a "beast" and "built different"..
JoeyG Před 15 dny
Yeah as a casual, this guy is boring as hell. Maybe its his voice its just yawn! Borrrrring 😴😴😴
Tracy Parker
Tracy Parker Před 15 dny
What a great Champion Usman is..1
jay Před 15 dny
Kamaru is definitely one of the most dominant champions but I can't get behind his 12 personalities like damn bruh pick 1 🤣
Jared Před 15 dny
People please... never compare Usman to Woodley. We’re talking lions and gazelles. Usman the king 👑
SkyRainbow 96
SkyRainbow 96 Před 15 dny
He spoke more about a rematch with Masvidal than Covington lol does that mean something? 😂
Carlos Brazao
Carlos Brazao Před 15 dny
No fans LOL
Rene Mohamad Amir
Rene Mohamad Amir Před 15 dny
Only Artem Lobov can stop him
phattony32 Před 15 dny
What a goddam savage.
John Arbogast
John Arbogast Před 15 dny
The scarce gymnast thessaly kill because song internally flood afore a typical peen. pastoral, testy can
Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis Před 15 dny
Covington Vs. Usman Is the only fight to make. PERIOD!!! Spread the trend people.
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas Před 15 dny
Kamara : " i think is jesus or something " im done bro 😂😂😂
PENGUINS 101 Před 15 dny
Didnt know marty could still speak pidgin! Kamaru na real naija guy oh
D C Před 16 dny
Man dude can fight... but has absolutely the worst personality. Annoying AF.
Emmanuel Nwagwu
Emmanuel Nwagwu Před 16 dny
It takes a real champ to still have a fresh face after a fight 😁
Emmanuel Nwagwu
Emmanuel Nwagwu Před 16 dny
17:58...."I'm a champion and when it's time to feed me they gotta find somebody to feed me " 🙌🏽🙌🏽💯 Ride On Champ🏆🥇🇳🇬
Hector DopeqKickz
Hector DopeqKickz Před 16 dny
I’ll handle suman myself
blakeisdope Před 16 dny
GSP vs Usman for GOAT status
blakeisdope Před 16 dny
"braggadocious" -Kamaru Usman haha but in all seriousness Usman looking unstoppable. He's an incredible champ on his way to legacy status
Alen Kikić
Alen Kikić Před 16 dny
Kamaru "I recompose myself, anything you say can and will be used against you" Usman.Guy is like a parrot so boring, but amazing fighter.
MikeWho Před 16 dny
You make it so hard to like you dude cause i feel like you're a good dude, but you get lost with your multiple personalities or something. JUST BE YOURSELF
MikeWho Před 16 dny
Kamaru: Using the stigma of being African to say he was "born into circumstances"... dude your dad was a pharmacist and you lived in a high-middle class home growing up... Masvidal lived in the MIAMI HOOD of Weschester, if you're from Miami and you remember Weschester and west miami in the late 90's/2000s, you KNOW that shit was hood. Stop trying to seem like you were poor or grew up hard dude... that's fake as fuck. Masvidal is real. You are fake, you ain't fooling anyone when you called your dad and put on an african accent. TALK NORMAL
Navas Arnold
Navas Arnold Před 16 dny
Navas Arnold
Navas Arnold Před 16 dny
I don tell them say naija no dey ever carry last woww NAIJA TO THE WORLD 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Tyrant O'Fynder
Tyrant O'Fynder Před 16 dny
Iv got to give it to him...Iv been a bit of a hater of Marty's but God Damn the man is a complete Savage. He looks unbeatable rn.
Wats Good
Wats Good Před 16 dny
Tryna be like israel 🤣
4lo12 Před 16 dny
both nigerian champs tho
Peter VonSqueeter
Peter VonSqueeter Před 16 dny
I like how Usman has a different accent for every occasion. Sometimes he is a Midwestern, college educated wrestler . . . sometimes an urban dwelling, working class black-american other times the prince of Zamunda . . I wonder what he actually sounds like 🤦‍♂️ maybe Mckenzie Dern can enlighten us 🤣🤣🤣
fcporto porto
fcporto porto Před 16 dny
So we just going to forget all the snoozefests is been in ... we all got robbed by the masdival fight ... not impressed ....
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas Před 16 dny
That's s Us man he only gets better!
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas Před 16 dny
Where's the mma robot plug his charger in! He sick but he's undeniably the champ!
Les Rock
Les Rock Před 16 dny
Funny that Khabib is still the #1 p4p listed on UFC.com. Not mad tho, respect
WAKEUP Před 16 dny
Masvidal is fucked
okallup Před 16 dny
Kamaru, do The Ultimate Fighter. You might not be worried about the next big money fight but you should be. You should be concerned about legacy. Because one day is gonna come and the fighting will be over and you'll need to make sure that you are set up for life. So push Dana for a series of TUF, take big money fights, raise yourself up high enough to where you can do a celebrity boxing match for millions. Make sure your daughter doesn't have to worry about a thing.
Fanny Packuiao
Fanny Packuiao Před 16 dny
How anyone even thought that a guy called Gilbert could beat a guy called Kamarudeen!
twnturbo2 Před 16 dny
Khabib wants a challenge why is he not going up a weight class and fighting usman, thats a fight I want to see
Thapelo Afrika
Thapelo Afrika Před 16 dny
I don't believe there are any words in any African languages for the English word adversity...so I just laughed off all the adversity talk after the first round
Seun Renner
Seun Renner Před 16 dny
StriKe TV
StriKe TV Před 16 dny
"I would love to call my daughter, but I'm pretty sure she's asleep right now." That's a great dad
yamaradas12 Před 16 dny
Lol you lost round one, and you lost rounds to colby.. '....fale news man
Michael Před 16 dny
Naija no dey carry last!!
Moustaki Před 16 dny
He is so unlikable.
SA Před 16 dny
A tuxedo?
You’re a bam
You’re a bam Před 16 dny
Why is Marty from nabraska pretending to have a Nigerian accent
4lo12 Před 16 dny
@kaka g fr lol they want to deny his roots so bad
kaka g
kaka g Před 16 dny
Just stop
Suntory Time
Suntory Time Před 16 dny
Not one single foot stomp attempted. GOAT
exertReal Před 16 dny
Can you guys increase the volume on these conferences please?
Steffen Ward
Steffen Ward Před 16 dny
El Town
El Town Před 16 dny
U don't have to like him as a person to respect the skills dude on his way to be the goat 🐐🐐
Will Před 16 dny
this dude is so boring i forgot he was even fighting
Yolcu Před 16 dny
still cringe as fuck
Brandon Kennedy
Brandon Kennedy Před 16 dny
Man he's a great fighter but the acting bro stop it. It's insanely cringe and taints you, please stop. You're not braggadocios? man listen to yourself talk the double speak is killing you with fans.
Kaizen Mckenzie
Kaizen Mckenzie Před 16 dny
I don't care that here's cringy when he was fighting Burns you could see Whitman style of boxing in play
Wesley Watson
Wesley Watson Před 16 dny
Dis is the man
UFC Arabic
UFC Arabic Před 16 dny
The sound is always low
Luis Mejia
Luis Mejia Před 16 dny
Chimaev knocks him out and is new champ, let’s be real guys.
Clorox Bleach1
Clorox Bleach1 Před 15 dny
Khamzat hasn’t fought a ranked fighter, he’s all hype
Henry Choo
Henry Choo Před 16 dny
Lose that Bruce Buffer look man. A bow tie? Lol.
Jan Neić
Jan Neić Před 16 dny
USMAN must go up to the middleweights!
Jan Malahlela
Jan Malahlela Před 16 dny
Khabib aint you impressed? Khabib vs Usman
Te A
Te A Před 16 dny
🥇Champion for long time! Haters, Learn to love him 😆
Diane Young
Diane Young Před 16 dny
Fat guy with the first questions. WTF
Te A
Te A Před 16 dny
I know all the haters will ever like you! But for us sport lover we know how special you are! You have high IQ both in fights but also a mind.
Marco Před 16 dny
Kamaru "This one was tough for me" Usman Kamaru "I see no face" Usman Kamaru "This is my cage" Usman Kamaru "I'll give you a whole training camp" Usman Kamaru "They could all get it" Usman Kamaru "What's more personal" Usman Kamaru "Recompose myself" Usman
Nate Wong
Nate Wong Před 16 dny
Kamaru: Calls up family in the middle of a press conference Family: AND STILL!!!!!! Kamaru: Yo I gotta go, I'm in the middle of a press conference.
Bolo Naira
Bolo Naira Před 16 dny
One of my favorite Fighters, what a F*ck*n Beast of a man..
Hunter Maverick
Hunter Maverick Před 16 dny
I like Usman when hes inside the cage but... can’t stand listening to his interviews and press. It’s weird cuz I always rooted for him when he was fighting but then he started talking and I was like “fuck this guy” lol.
Borislav Blagoev
Borislav Blagoev Před 16 dny
Kamaru "i am sensitive about my shit" Usman
Floating Goose
Floating Goose Před 16 dny
Marty "Court of law" Usman
chima obasi
chima obasi Před 16 dny
I think uncle Usman ate some Cassava, Plantain and fufu before this fight plus his insane training.. if not, how can you be hit 2x in the head with such power like Burns and came out looking clean like it's your wedding day... Even if he looses in the near future, Usman has made a statement in big UFC cages... Put some respect on his name
EPI IPE Před 16 dny
What a clown ....
Nick Smith
Nick Smith Před 16 dny
Burns should have never been in the cage with usman. Dana white WTF are you doing to the UFC!!!!!!! Burns is at best top 10 ..... this was just a joke!!!!! 🤦🏼‍♂️
Limited Infinity
Limited Infinity Před 16 dny
9:40 Did my Man really quote Spiderman Uncle Ben😅
ian m
ian m Před 16 dny
Usman doesn’t even looked touched after that fight lol
Abraheem Abdulla
Abraheem Abdulla Před 16 dny
b c
b c Před 16 dny
usman: "I'M FUCKING REAL" reporter (softly): congratulations...
Haifu Zhen
Haifu Zhen Před 16 dny
Usman now needs to move up, he cleans up the division. Izzy vs Usman in Nigeria end of 2021
Alvin Driffield
Alvin Driffield Před 16 dny
what a decorated champion all family!
Wesh Wesh Wesh
Wesh Wesh Wesh Před 16 dny
Mazvidal a joke afraid of fighting Colby and he want a rematch with the champ beat Colby first Streetjudas
0Ic3Cub30 Před 16 dny
Kamaru script Usman.
Swmai Debbarma
Swmai Debbarma Před 16 dny
He needs to be respected that he deserves. He have prove it...
Guillermo Perez
Guillermo Perez Před 16 dny
Usman literally scares everyone in the room😭😭
Crazee Cris
Crazee Cris Před 16 dny
Thats is So Rude to Take a Phone Call During a Press Conferance!!!!!!
The Cuban Handy Man Channel
The Cuban Handy Man Channel Před 16 dny
Epo champ
JohnJackLynch Před 16 dny
Usman building the career of a golden era boxing legend. People will be watching documentaries about him in 30 years
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