UFC 258: Gilbert Burns Post-fight Press Conference

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Před 19 dny

Gilbert Burns shares his perspective of his bout with welterweight champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 258 at the post-fight press conference.
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Rico Lanz
Rico Lanz Před 12 dny
He had no defence game - and didnt capitalize on the advantages he had in the first two rounds.
Dj RHINO International
Dj RHINO International Před 12 dny
Nigerians are Making Brazilian 🇧🇷 Men cry 😭 like babies in the octagon. Costa and now Gilbert.
Bertone Tristão
Bertone Tristão Před 13 dny
A verdade é que Durinho falou demais antes da luta, e tomou bastante porrada na cara.
Chazzie317 Před 13 dny
Gilbert's only vulnerable when he's throwing bombs, he should rely on his skills more the guy's a technical genius
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Před 13 dny
Had to switch it up and get bilingual on they assess in the end
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Před 13 dny
He looks so disappointed, unfortunately I knew Usman was gonna win. His style of fighting is just too safe. Boring af to me, but safe.
darquethius Před 13 dny
When the challenger who lost has more views on his post fight conference than the dominant champion
Be3st Boxing
Be3st Boxing Před 13 dny
He was doing so good and bam just like that heartbreaking man.
Qhor shalin
Qhor shalin Před 14 dny
Genuine Chap.... He will become champion one day
Shawn Kliewer
Shawn Kliewer Před 14 dny
Burns is a cut baby looking for a paycheck. I'd fight for an ass kicking paycheck
Shawn Kliewer
Shawn Kliewer Před 14 dny
Put someone who can fight. Not burns he wasn't any competition.. He'll nate can do better than that weight doesn't really matter
MMA - Talk the talk Walk the walk
MMA - Talk the talk Walk the walk Před 14 dny
Noodle Neck Rat Ribs
Noodle Neck Rat Ribs Před 14 dny
Burns enjoying the humble pie
Kent Adams
Kent Adams Před 14 dny
Pocha !
Kent Adams
Kent Adams Před 14 dny
You either are disciplined because you are, not because you've been caught being pretty useless finished with a jab 😅😅😅 mate give up already because it ain't happening for you. Disrespectful little prick
Kent Adams
Kent Adams Před 14 dny
Ara G
Ara G Před 14 dny
Respect to Burns but I don’t see him ever beating Usman. Usman is a different built.
The Tachmonite/ Adino Jashobeam 'Ebed Servant
The Tachmonite/ Adino Jashobeam 'Ebed Servant Před 15 dny
K To Auto
K To Auto Před 15 dny
This guy is bullhead & always will
D'Kno Howard
D'Kno Howard Před 15 dny
You WILL be back, and become CHAMP💪 CLASSY GUY..GOD BLESS U AMIGO🙏
BoxyTheSpaceDog Před 15 dny
You should've finished him in that first round,dummy
Bobby Reece
Bobby Reece Před 15 dny
I legitimately believe a rematch would look a lot different.
Leo Correa
Leo Correa Před 15 dny
A honest man.
Martin Korn
Martin Korn Před 15 dny
Was close
Shlm Phm
Shlm Phm Před 15 dny
Burns u was the one to win.bt you were over confident more over u need more stamina.
dante`afk Před 15 dny
Burns gonna really regret lying on the floor for 2 minutes after having Usman rocked.
BoxyTheSpaceDog Před 15 dny
I find that really dumb,strange
Caio Ribeiro Coêlho
Caio Ribeiro Coêlho Před 15 dny
Você é foda! Guerreiro!
Darryl Bagcal
Darryl Bagcal Před 15 dny
Rooting for your come back !
Jj Mm
Jj Mm Před 15 dny
His face got busted , usman is lethal
Baasil Reynolds
Baasil Reynolds Před 15 dny
U such a racist a black man beat u😂😂
Alex Před 15 dny
He will be the champion one day.
Marcelo A
Marcelo A Před 15 dny
Great fighter but he has a weak chin
Tausif Raza
Tausif Raza Před 15 dny
Best of luck to you Burns. You deserve to be a champion. Get over being overwhelmed the next time.
Notorious_AGC Před 16 dny
I like Burns, but he’s the only human being i’ve seen with CauliFACE in history 💀
aryo122 Pilvar
aryo122 Pilvar Před 16 dny
He deserved it i llike this guy
Ernest Walker
Ernest Walker Před 16 dny
Losing the opportunity of a belt and losing a Friend & teammate gotta be tough !!! I respect burns so much for wanting to be a champ & I respect kamaru for his pedigree
Freddy Camba
Freddy Camba Před 16 dny
It's me against me I lost to myself 💪💯 I might txt him tomorrow 🤣 gatta love gilbert burns.
Will Brooks
Will Brooks Před 16 dny
Crazy that these guys get beat up by the most simple and basic boxing punch. A jab. Just imagine if that was a boxing match. It really makes you think how complex the fight game is. These guys may be straight up killers in some things but in a boxing ring they will get embarrassed.
J Jj
J Jj Před 16 dny
Solid performance Burns...Usman dug deep held on to come back an return CHAMP SHIT ONLY ... GR8 ATTITUDE on GUILBERT#aLAWLEREBOUND
Chris Crockett
Chris Crockett Před 16 dny
He wasn't going to knock Usman out..... he was not close.... he got that ass whooped petiod🤣🤣🤣🤣
MoeLarryCurly Před 16 dny
WYF is wrong with his trainers, you know the jab is coming all night if need be, along with a 6 inch reach advantage , Gilbert needed to stay outside of the reach ,get inside throw a couple looking for an opening and get out , way out , then start again..
YNW Melly
YNW Melly Před 16 dny
Been fighting and watching fighting my whole life . Always knew Usman was the real deal . You don't become a welterweight champion in the UFC if you ain't a savage . But I did want Gilbert to win . I'm not gonna lie tho .. I do have a different perspective on Usman after this . He put this dude away and Gilbert is a straight killer lmao he'll be back tho ! Props to both guys !
Dave Caculba
Dave Caculba Před 16 dny
respect to this man very humble in defeat.
Navas Arnold
Navas Arnold Před 16 dny
Despite the fight he said he still love USMAN KAMARU this man has so much love for usman, get back soon burns ❤️❤️
316 Racing
316 Racing Před 16 dny
Total stud in fighting and he'll be back but even better, Gilbert is an incredible human being. Big heart!
mal doe
mal doe Před 16 dny
You are not a good friend Gilbert Burns. You got greedy/jealous and wanted what your friend has.
Roc ROCA Před 16 dny
Gilbert Burns reminds me of a McDonald Chicken McNugget with eyes that thought it could fight. He now understands that nothing is as simple as you think.
meef Před 16 dny
Class act
doc usa
doc usa Před 16 dny
big respect to both fighters. both top dogs and good human beings. super shitty to fight a friend.
Kia Afzali
Kia Afzali Před 16 dny
burns showed he’s better on the ground since usman refused to even take top position. If burns works on his wrestling and somehow manages to take usman down he can be champ
Ecstatically Extreme
Ecstatically Extreme Před 16 dny
I think it's scripted
Dunder Mifflin
Dunder Mifflin Před 16 dny
I really like this guy, much respect to him, I didnt think he would win but I hope he gets another shot after he kicks someone else ass
Ecstatically Extreme
Ecstatically Extreme Před 16 dny
This was easy winner parlay Usman ML + under
Ecstatically Extreme
Ecstatically Extreme Před 16 dny
So both of these guys are blind when looking eye to eye in the octagon
Ecstatically Extreme
Ecstatically Extreme Před 16 dny
I mean they can't see each others faces
Benjamin Castle
Benjamin Castle Před 16 dny
seems like a great man, you did very well ❤️
Patricia Gomes
Patricia Gomes Před 16 dny
DURINHO cada luta pode ter um resultado inesperado!! Vc já é um vencedor!!parabéns sempre!!
System Records
System Records Před 16 dny
you can tell this loss is a tough one for him. even his english regressed with this loss
Nah Před 16 dny
Kamarus trying to send his daughter to private school's private school.
Ejamovic Před 16 dny
At least burn dont run away like a chicken like colby 😂
DrewzzyXo Před 16 dny
All that talking about masvidal but at least his face wasn't that bad
Aldo Estrada
Aldo Estrada Před 16 dny
He almost had it.
Fanny Packuiao
Fanny Packuiao Před 16 dny
Gilbert hesitated after making Kamaru WOBBLE, and that cost him. Always go for kill, when you see wobbling! Don't feel sorry for a wobbling friend, man! This is fighting, not a night out drunk with tequila.
Christopher Millan
Christopher Millan Před 16 dny
Usmans jab changed the game. We’re still rooting for you Burns! You’re a beast and for sure we’ll see you come back!
Synthetic Rabbit
Synthetic Rabbit Před 16 dny
I don't want to make excuses for him but after the first round he kind of seemed drained. I was thinking maybe the covid stuff hurt his lungs but that could just be me making excuses for him. I didn't really have a horse in this race but I was kind of hoping Burns would win because I've always found Usman to be boring (this fight and the Colby fight were a lot of fun, though so I may be turning a corner on Ol' Toe-Crusher).
Adriyan Slavchev
Adriyan Slavchev Před 16 dny
The guy has future, he will learn about thing called head movements ...
Benito Rivera
Benito Rivera Před 16 dny
Que pasa co los Brazileños ultimamente sus presentacines hace papelones como costa duriño y otros que da pena.
Andrizzle Před 16 dny
Burns definitely grew on me as a person
k c
k c Před 16 dny
"You're a champion cause of that jab" - Trevor Wittman
MAC theLion
MAC theLion Před 16 dny
volume is too low
Benjamin Colón jr
Benjamin Colón jr Před 16 dny
Khraw Sawian
Khraw Sawian Před 16 dny
Every fighter after every loss makes excuses like this
معلومات عسكرية
معلومات عسكرية Před 16 dny
Burns Post-fight Press Conference has more viewers then kamaru !
Michael Před 16 dny
Should have learnt from Costa never to mess with Nigerians!
Liam Lopez
Liam Lopez Před 16 dny
The fact that he mentioned Robbie Lawler, he has my respect.
Kay Boamah
Kay Boamah Před 16 dny
Class Act
samuelg225 Před 16 dny
There seems to be a vacant belt at 155...
Goenie Před 16 dny
With respect to both fighters, there is nothing heart breaking about Gilbert's breakdown. Heart breaking is a helpless dog being left to die in the woods, as an example. these guys made a choice.
TheCombatWorld Před 16 dny
He will come back and fight for the belt again
Dee Jayy
Dee Jayy Před 16 dny
I won’t ever doubt Usman & Izzy anymore
El Toro
El Toro Před 16 dny
This clown cost a bunch of people lots of money. I will never believe in him again. Look for him to never be the same fighter again.
robicoopter Před 16 dny
What does he mean when he said he hopes he doesn't get a crazy suspension? Why would he get suspended?
robicoopter Před 15 dny
@John Paul thank you mate, he sure confused me with his choice of words :)
John Paul
John Paul Před 16 dny
Fighters sometimes get handed a medical suspension after their fights so they can recover from injuries and to make sure they don't return to action too soon.
King A
King A Před 16 dny
Win or lose, Gilbert Burns is a Champion
Ahmed Asad
Ahmed Asad Před 16 dny
Usman the nightmare 💪
ChewBacca Před 16 dny
Never seen a savage this nice , cool guy you are mr Gilbert
Stephen Mitchel
Stephen Mitchel Před 16 dny
"He doesn't hit that hard" -Gets dropped with jabs Respect to Burns tho 💪🏾
Angelo Daniels
Angelo Daniels Před 16 dny
Burns is a beautiful soul... You did your best and that makes you a true winner brother.. Fuck everything else..
Stipe Miocic
Stipe Miocic Před 16 dny
Good guy!
Alex Krasmo
Alex Krasmo Před 16 dny
I hope his brain is ok
Anggi Gabriel
Anggi Gabriel Před 16 dny
bunr 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
brian dube
brian dube Před 16 dny
No Gilbert, you lost to a better fighter. His name is Kamarudeen. He estimated you much better than you estimated him. He drew you into his game. But...you gave him a terrible scare. He knows what's up now. Be strong and come back to fight for that gold.
Ameriachi I am
Ameriachi I am Před 16 dny
You need to do a bit more than not get so excited. How about not get hit with those stiff ass jabs. You got tooken out by jabs bro but a 40% effort from Usman. It's not your time. Interesting how this guy gets more respect than the champ. And yes usman's a bit of a narcissistic jackass but the brother can fight and that's what it's all about in the end of the day.
Steven Woolard
Steven Woolard Před 16 dny
I went for Usman but Burns has lots of respect!.Im sure he will be back and better.
Howabouthetruth Před 16 dny
It was all good until he said: "Kamuru isn't very fast and doesn't hit hard at all"..........BULLSHIT. So according to Gilbert, it was Gilbert who "punched his own face" knocking him down........and then he "punched his own face" about 6 more times while on the canvas.......where the ref SAVED HIS ASS. I can understand that MISTAKES are what causes a loss in a fight, but at least be honest Gilbert: Kamuru THOROUGHLY BEAT YOUR ASS. The only man I see right now who may stand a chance is Wonder Boy. But that's a big "maybe". I would still root for Wonder Boy 100% if he gets to fight Kamuru for the title. Aside from that, I just don't see anyone taking the title from Usman.
kim ama
kim ama Před 16 dny
Usman beat him so bad... he beat him into Chris Weidman's Dad's son!
pilsung26 Před 16 dny
I’m sorry for the next man he faces.
faizan khan
faizan khan Před 16 dny
I think the only reason Usman wins this one is because of Champion mentality. Also I think what GB is saying post fight is something i don't agree. I have no idea why GB gave KU a lot of time and space to recover when he was hurt in the first round. GB was laying on the ground for no reason while Usman was still standing. That was a mistake and it wasn't repeated by KU. The moment he hurt GB he kept pushing him there only, jabbing him continously.
Steven Vega
Steven Vega Před 16 dny
good for you man keep your head up learn from this
Steven Vega
Steven Vega Před 16 dny
Keep your head up Gilbert
Jonathan MacNeil
Jonathan MacNeil Před 16 dny
Hate seeing fights like these but at the same time, they make the fight more interesting, Usman and Burns are both great fighters and role models, just sad they have to be the same weight class..
John Gomero
John Gomero Před 16 dny
La cagó BURNS
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